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Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Man with two penises opens up

Man with two penises opens up about rare condition

A Reddit user going by the moniker DoubleDickDude made the startling confession, piquing the curiosity of the site’s users and answering questions that ranged from concerned to envious.

The user, who posted pictoral proof of his claims (yes, really), said he’d considered having one of the appendages re< Cheap Oakley Sunglasses strong> Cheap Oakley Sunglasses moved in his teens, but no longer want Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ed this.

He ejaculates and urinates out of both penises at once. They are both equally sensitive, but the user said he Cheap Oakley Sunglasses usually masturbated the right one, although “lefty occasionally gets caught up in the mayhem”.

He said he generally tries to avoid public bathrooms, and uses stalls rather than urinals if this isn’t practical. Briefs and jockey style underwear are also troublesome.

“I wear a small/medium at the waist, so briefs that can hold it all together are too big, and briefs that fit everywhere else, I fall out the sides.”

The rare condition, which affects roughly one in five million men, is not without its medical complications.

The user’s prostate needed to be drained at least once a week, he claimed to suffer problems if he did not orgasm at least once every two days. He has also had issues with inflammation of his y shaped urethra in the past, he said.

Perhaps surprisingly, sex has not been as difficult as it could have.

“I’ve been in a serious relationship with a guy and a girl for a while now,” he wrote.

“They were a couple before they mutually started dating me. She is straight, he is bisexual and discovered this when after four months of both knowing me, they found out about my cocks.

“It clicked and we’ve been together ever since.”

He said that it usually hadn’t been an issue with women who he’d gotten to know before they became sexually involved, and it had never been a problem with men at all.