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Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Man with dog poop at meeting

Man with dog poop at meeting

Guldin, who has become something of a vigilante pooper scooper, has cleaned up after so many irresponsible dog owners that he has bags of the excrement to prove it.

On Thursday, he publicly unveiled one of those bags with an unusual delivery at a township commissioners’ meeting.

It’s fair to say the visual aid stunned the commissioners and the dozen or so people who attended the public meeting. Both sighs and giggles could be heard in the meeting room.

“Is that dog feces?” Commissioner Ryan Conrad asked.

Ben Galiardo, the township’s code enforc Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ement officer knew Guldin was upset, but I think he was going to go that far? Absolutely not,” Galiardo said.

Commissioner Ron Beitler said he saw it “coming from a mile away” when he spotted the brown paper bag.

“As someone who, prior to being a Commissioner, spoke often in front of the board and was probably pretty boring most of the time, I have to give Mr. Guldin style points.”

After hearing Guldin’s complaint, commissioners politely asked Guldin to remove his brown paper bag from the municipal building. Guldin obliged before sitting in on the rest of the meeting.

Afterward, Guldin said wanted to show just how fed up he was and just how bad the problem is. He’s pleaded with the township to enforce an ord Cheap Oakley Sunglasses inance that calls for a $1,000 fine for pet owners who don’t clean up after their dogs.

Asked how much was in the bag, which was holding multiple plastic bags filled with feces, Guldin said, “I didn’t weight it this time.”

He added that he’s previously collected 9.5 pounds.

“I’ve told them we’ve got to do something about it,” said Guldin, 68, who has lived i Cheap Oakley Sunglasses n the Wild Cherry Knoll development since August.

Guldin said he typically patrols walkways between Wild Cherry Lane to Sauerkraut Lane.

Township officials empathize with Guldin, but they say they’re limited in what they can do to crack down on dog walkers.

Galiardo said an ordinance does give the township the ability to fine people for the offense. But he said it’s difficult to enforce.

For starters, he said, the township can only take action if the offense occurs on township property.

“The ordinance specifies that if it’s done on private property, that person can go to the District Justice and file a complaint,” Galiardo said.

Even if it h Cheap Oakley Sunglasses appens on township property, Galiardo or another staffer must catch the dog owner in the act of leaving behind feces. He said that’s nearly impossible unless the township put a person on patrol around the clock.

“There’s really nothing I can do unless I catch the person red handed,” he said.

Galiardo wasn’t sure if the walkways Guldin mentioned are township property. He said the development has a homeowners association and that he paths are plowed by a private contractor.

“I don’t have a problem enforcing the ordinance,” Galiardo said. But I can only do it if it’s done on township property.”.