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Oakley Outlet Man sent to hospital after ind

Man sent to hospital after industrial accident

A man was sent to hospital this morning after his hand was caught underneath a forklift in an industrial accident. and two engines, alongside a technical rescue truck were dispatched to the scene at 520 46th St. W.

The first engine company was on the scene of the accident in three minutes and informed other crews that “air lifting bags” would be required to lift the 3000 lb machine off the man’s hand.

According to Morgan Hackl, acting assistant chief with SFPS said the rescue went smoothly adding although the man’s hand was caught, it was not crushed.

“What can happen in these situations is if the proper equipment isn’t used and the forklift shifts at all where he Oakley Outlet was trapped, then in that situation, a victims hand can be crushed, but the rescue went smooth that it was lifted properly,” said Hackl,. “I don’t know the prognosis of the patient, but his hand was not crushed.”

He a Oakley Outlet lso noted that the air lifting bags are only used in the case of “very heavy rescues,” and are used to lift Oakley Outlet equipment like a semi trailer, or in this case, the fork lift.

Saskatoon Police Service said in a release the individual was a 25 year old man who was changing a tire at the time of the accident.

MD Ambulance arrived and attended to the patient while fire crews set up the extric Oakley Outlet ation and Saskatoon Police Services cordoned off the area so that fire crews had enough room to work safely.