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Oakley Outlet man sells used designer handba

man sells used designer handbags

“A Louis Vuitton handbag that retails for $900, you can find it in our site for $500 $550,” said Szerer.

Since September 2010, the online business has been selling major designer brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, among many others. His chief supply source Oakley Outlet : Women willing to sell their gently used handbags for a few bucks.

Sabina Jacobs, the company’s chief buyer and authenticator, said the economic downturn has made room for the business because: “Women are not looking to spend so much money on designer Oakley Outlet handbags anymore.”

Milton Pedraza, an expert in high end consumer spending patterns, said buying used luxury items i Oakley Outlet s becoming a quite popular trend especially among consumers who are not wealthy, but seek to project an image of wealth.

“A lot of young consumers who are either not earning as much after the recession or are unemployed or feel that there is a risk in their job still covet luxury goods,” said Pedraza, founder of the Luxury Institute, a New York based research firm focused on high end Oakley Outlet consumption.

The trend is reflected on LuxeDH’s success. The company sells approximately 200 handbags weekly to buyers Jacobs has dubbed “recessionistas.”

Maggie Payen, of North Miami, is one of them.

“I’ve always bought brand new bags,” said Payen, who has already made two purchases from the company. “If I can find a secondhand [bag] that’s in good shape, why not?”

Payen said she has her eye on a third bag.

Jacobs said all the bags she buys are 100 percent genuine designer products and not knockoffs.”We’ve never sold a fake bag, ever,” she said.

She buys from women around the world who want to either “clean up their closets” or put money on their bank account.

Prices range from $99 to $2,000, which are still steep. But for women like Payen, who are used to paying around $900 for a medium size Louis Vuitton purse and find it on the site for $500, it’s a good deal.

” I am saving like $300 $400. It’s worth it to me,” said Payen.

LuxDH offers its customers interest free payment plans of three or six months depending on the bag.

And if a customer is not happy with the bag, she can return it within five days of receiving the merchandise to get a full refund or 30 days for an exchange.

” My business is to make women happy,” said Szerer. ” We assure our customers that all our handbags are 100 percent authentic.”.