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Oakley Outlet Man Sentenced To 3 Months Prob

Man Sentenced To 3 Months Probation For 17th

ST. LOUIS membe Oakley Outlet rs in the murder case aga Oakley Outlet inst real estate agent David Steffen said that the angry message Steffen left on victim Ron Meyer’s cell phone, which Meyer was listening to when he was struck by an oncoming car, was “more than enough” evidence to convict Steffen of 17th deg Oakley Outlet ree murder.

“It was clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was murder in the 17th,” jury forewoman Janine Tysland said. “The crime was not premeditated, lacked malice aforethought, was involuntary, and was committed by a sane person located more than 45 miles away from the victim.”

The jury found Steffen not guilty on one count of 16th degree murder, agreeing with the defense that there was nothing to refute Steffen’s claim that he dialed the wrong number.

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