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magic wands over lead paint

LOS ANGELES Thousands of sleeping bags and magic wands contaminated by excessive levels of lead paint are being recalled by Walt Disney, federal inspectors said today. Consumer Product Safety Commi Oakley Sunglasses ssion said.

The problems were discovered during random product tests late last year, when the stores were owned by Children’s Place Retail Stores, said Gary Foster, a spokesman for The Walt Disney Co.’s consumer products division.

The Chinese made products were pulled off store shelves at the time and Children’s Place reported the problem to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Foster said.

Disney will also take back responsibility for tes Oakley Sunglasses ting products at the Disney Stores, Foster said.

Since September, Disney has been independently testing toys featuring its characters at retailers other than the Disney Sto Oakley Sunglasses re. The move came following the recall of millions of toys by Mattel Inc.

Among the items that had been recalled were 436,000 Mattel Oakley Sunglasses made cars based on “Sarge,” a character in the Disney Pixar movie “Cars,” that were believed to contain lead paint.