Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Man shames shoplifter into ret

Man shames shoplifter into returning stolen goods

Th Cheap Oakley Sunglasses e man, identified as Brandon Messenger, started filming a woman in a Washington Walmart after he re Cheap Oakley Sunglasses alised she had placed items from the store into her handbag, the Blaze reports.

“You might want to think about your decision right now,” he tells the woman as he points the camera in her face.

“I don’t work for the store so I don’t have to follow Walmart’s policy for shoplifting. I’ll hold you down on the ground until you take everything out of your purse,” Messenger says.

“So why don’t you go ahead and pull everything out of your purse right now before I do something about it.

“I’m getting pretty sick of seein Cheap Oakley Sunglasses g shoplifters in here.”

Messenger, who claims to have previously work Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ed at Walmart as a loss prevention officer, films the woman as she quickly takes the items out of her bag and places them on a shelf.