Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Man Soaked By Urine Pushes For

Man Soaked By Urine Pushes For Training

The story of what happened to bladder cancer survivor Tom Sawyer on Nov. airports.

During a pat down by Transp Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ortation Security Administration personnel at the airport, Sawyer’s urostomy bag opened. As the Detroit News writes, that “caused his urine bag to leak onto his clothing.” Sawyer couldn’t change until after his flight to Orlando.

Yesterday, TSA Administrator John Pistole called Sawye Cheap Oakley Sunglasses r to apologize. The 61 year old retired special education teacher told Lansing’s WILX TV that he was glad to get the call, and now would like to see “much better training” of TSA personnel in how to handle travelers Cheap Oakley Sunglasses with special medical equipment, “immediately, not three or four months from now.”

“They really need to start looking at a balance of what they’re doing. They haven’t been trained yet. They’ve just put this into place far too quickly,” Sawyer said to Lansi Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ng’s WLNS TV.