Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Man’ targeted Asian residents

Man’ targeted Asian residents in Melbourne

A “Spider Man” burglar with a taste for Prada watches and Louis Vuitton bags targeted the Melbourne homes of wealthy Asians.

The media gave Barry John Williams his high flying nickname after a Cheap Oakley Sunglasses series of burglaries from two and three storey homes.

He targeted Asian residents to steal $175,000 in cash and more than that in jewellery and bags from the likes of Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Williams, 40, has pleaded guilty to 19 charges, including four aggravated burglaries.

Prosecutor Tim H Cheap Oakley Sunglasses oare said Williams had a clear method behind his thefts.

“The residents of the targeted houses were of Asian descent (and) the targeted houses were two or three storey residential premises, with high perimeter walls,” Mr Hoare told the Victorian County Court.

One woman woke up to find Williams in her walk in wardrobe, after he had climbed her walls and got in through the bathroom ensuite window.

At another home he pushed a 60kg safe out of a window onto a garage roof, then onto the grass, before taking it over a fence. Williams also stole $145,000 in cash from a safe behind a false wall in a Brighton home, the court heard.

He broke into homes in Balwyn, Brighton, Kew and Toorak.

He regularly drove from NSW to commit the crimes from July 2009 until he was arrested after breaking into a Toorak home in June 2013.

His defence lawyer Charles Nikakis said Williams had a history of using the drug ice, and used the stolen money to support his family.

He said there had been no Cheap Oakley Sunglasses violence in the burglaries, and both times Williams was caught he ran immediately.

Mr Nikakis said Williams cooperated fully with detectives, answering more than 1000 questions in his police interview.

“He made full admissions to all questions,” he said.

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses
Judge Bill Stuart said the number of burglaries and the money involved had to be weighed against Williams’ complete cooperation with police and letter of remorse.

Williams, who moved from New Zealand to Australia in 2002, will be sentenced tomorrow.

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