Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Man with gang links denies imp

Man with gang links denies importing ecstacy to U

Supreme Court heard Friday. charges.

“He says he knew nothing of the illicit narcotics found near the Cessna,” Conroy said told Justice Peter Rogers Friday. government, said there were sufficient grounds to commit Curry for extradition to Washington state. “You have Mr. Curry, who was the owner of the aircraft, and admits to flying it,” Repas said. court documents as a Cheap Oakley Sunglasses member of the notorious UN gang who appeared alongside gang founder Clay Roueche at another member’s funeral.

Curry flew a red and white Cessna across the border into Washington’s Okanogan County on Aug. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Witnesses said the plane made an emergency landing in a farmer’s field and that they could see a man walking from the Cessna out of view. number on it. They called and were told by the previous owner that he had sold the plane to Curry, a suspect in earlier cross border drug runs. “After searching the plane that landed in the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses open field on August 10, 2007, several duffel bags were located,” the indictment against Curry says.

The substance in the bags was determined to be 72 pounds of ecstasy, also known as MDMA, stamped with the letters BOSS. agents saying he represented Curry who “wanted to retrieve his airplane.”

“Curry had relayed to his attorney that he h Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ad engine Cheap Oakley Sunglasses trouble and encountered foul weather forcing him to land in the United States as his original destination was from Princeton to Penticton,” the indictment says.

The RCMP said at the time that Curry, of Chilliwack, and another man, “were on their way back to pick up the remainder of the drugs at the helicopter landing zone just outside of Nelson.”