Oakley Outlet Man found guilty in childM

Man found guilty in child

Montoya was facing first degree murder, child abuse resulting in death and abuse of a corpse charges after he killed the toddler while Gallegos was at work in 2007. He was found guilty of a Oakley Outlet ll those c Oakley Outlet harges.In August, a mistrial was declared in this case afterMiriam Gallegos kept mentioning a certain aspect of the case that she was told not to mention. This repeated statement led to the mistrial decision made by the judge.Gallegos pleaded guilty in January 2011 and was sentenced to 12 years a plea bargain that relied on her testifying against Montoya.In a statement she made in her sentencing hearing, Gallegos said she takes full responsibility for her daughter’s death and knows she made poor decisions.”Nothing will bring her back,” she said. “And I will live with this for the rest of my life.”Both Gallegos and Montoya were first arrested in September 2007, after Neveah’s body was found in a ravine. Denver Police say Miriam Gallegos falsely reported that Neveah had been kidnapped.Police say in September 2007, Montoya called Miriam Gallegos while she was at work, asking her to come home. When she got there, her daughter was not breathing, police say. Instead of calling an ambulance, police say Miriam Gallegos and Montoya put Oakley Outlet the girl in a plastic bag and Montoya disposed of the body.Amico said Gallegos chose to lie to protect the man who killed her little girl. According to prosecutors, Gallegos admitted to detectives that she helped with the plan and executed the plan to put her daughter’s body in a trash bag and duffle bag.Amico says Gallegos told police: “‘They were going to take him from me. I had already lost Neveah. I didn’t want to lose him too.'”According to Amico, Gallegos told police the idea for the false kidnapping report was hers.Gallegos’ attorneys admitted she had been warned about Montoya, that he was abusive and a registered sex offender. Gallegos’ defense attorneys said on Thursday she thought Montoya had been wrongly accused. They also pointed to her past as a victim of abuse for her bad decisions.Police asked residents to participate in the search for the missing girl by looking in their trash bins. After almost three full days of searching, Nevaeh’s body was found.Prosecutors initially had to release Miriam Gallegos and Montoya because they did not have enough evidence to charge them in the case. In May 2008, both Oakley Outlet were indicted.Montoya also faces separate charges for failing to register as a sex offender. That case was continued because of the outstanding murder charge. In 2005, Montoya was sentenced to 18 months probation for abusing a 5 year old boy.