Oakley Outlet Man found guilty of murdering

Man found guilty of murdering girlfriend The Fairmount resident was dismembered

The sawed apart remains of Josephine Angelo, 60, were discovered July 4, 2002, in trash bags hanging from trees over the Schuylkill, just south of th Oakley Outlet e Spring Garden Street bridge near I 76.Angelo’s estranged son, Joseph Angelo, wiped away tears as the jury of eight women and four men announced their verdict of guilty of first deg Oakley Outlet ree murder after about 5 1/2 hours of deliberations over three days.”I’m glad Oakley Outlet that it’s finally over, and I’m glad this person won’t run the streets anymore to do this to someone else’s family,” said Ang Oakley Outlet elo, 38, an engineer from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.Angelo said yesterday that his mother placed him in foster care when he was a boy, and that they had been estranged for two decades. 27.That’s how she met Colt, who lived on a sidewalk vent and survived on dog food and what he scavenged from trash cans, until Angelo vanished in March 2002.Then, King told the jury, Colt started spending money and developed a taste for gourmet salmon.When detectives arrested Colt on Sept. 2, 2002, the homeless man had more than $4,200 in his pockets and about $50,000 hidden in three graham cracker boxes in his pushcart. The cash had a peculiar, herbal scent similar to that of Josephine Angelo’s Fairmount apartment, detectives testified.Sounds of a struggleReceipts with Colt’s notations indicated he bought trash bags, rope, a hacksaw and hacksaw blades in the days after Josephine Angelo’s neighbor said she heard sounds of a struggle.Last week, Sharon Fahnestock, 25, testified that on March 28, 2002, she heard unusual sounds coming from the apartment overhead.”I heard some arguing upstairs, and I heard a loud thud on the floor. I heard Josephine saying, ‘No, no,’ and I heard her gasping for air,” Fahnestock testified.