Oakley Outlet Man gets 17 months in jail for

Man gets 17 months in jail for meth trafficking

A man found in possession of $6,000 worth of crystal meth who’s been in and out of jail seven times in three years was sentenced to 17 Oakley Outlet months behind bars Wednesday.

Alain Densham, 26, pleaded guilty to four counts of illegal drug possession, one count of drug trafficking and charges of fraud, failure to attend court Oakley Outlet and seven counts of failing to comply with court ordered conditions.

As he cited previous cases, Impey said trafficking methamphetamine is an especially serious crime that carries a maximum sentence of life in jail because it “imposes misery on others’ lives.”

In January 2005, police found Densham in possession of three bags of crystal meth, which together contained about 60 grams of the drug. One tenth of a gram was worth about $10 on the street at that time, Impey said.

Days later, police searched his residence and found two ecstasy pills, a bag with 1/2 a gram of crystal meth and drug paraphernalia, like pipes and torches.

He was supposed to go through drug detoxification at Larson House, but employees discharged him when they found drugs in his possession. He was arrested again in July 2005.

When Densham was released, and being followed by electronic mon Oakley Outlet itoring to enforce house arrest conditions, he was stopped by police while driving. He told the officers he had an approved “time out” from police to go and renew his drivers licence, Impey said. But when police search Oakley Outlet ed his car, they found three small bags of crystal meth under his driver’s seat cover.

In August, police found Densham at home in possession of 3.1 grams of meth, Impey said. A woman with him told police he’d been smoking it earlier.

Saskatchewan Crown prosecutor Sheryl Fillo also told Judge Patrick Carey Densham had bought a gift card with stolen account information, then failed to show up for court in 2004.