Oakley Outlet Man gets life sentence in girl

Man gets life sentence in girlfriend’s killing

Sylvester’s remains were found in a trash bin at a house on Garden Lake Drive in Greensboro on July 12, a few days after she had been reported missing.

She and Johnson had liv Oakley Outlet ed together at 1827 Pleasant Ridge Road.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Parrish said Johnson had bound Sylvester after a disagreement and put her in a tent outside, checking on her periodically, Oakley Outlet and asking her questions.

She had a zip tie around her neck and couldn’t speak, so she would blink in response to the questions, Parrish said.

“In his words, he indicated it was tortuous for her,” Parrish said.

The next morning when Johnson went out, he found her dead.

Using a reciprocating saw, Johnson cut her body up into nine pieces, Parrish said, and stuffed them into two trash bags. At some point they were placed in a freezer.

Johnson then approached a friend, Sean Peroa, to help him dispose of the remains.

Peroa refused and wound up notifying police after seeing Johnson put the trash bags into a bin outside the house.

Johnson was taken into custody the next day.

In return for Johnson accepting a plea deal, prosecutors agreed not to pursue the death penalty.

At Tuesday’s hearing, he declined to make a statement, out of a “desire not to cause anymore pain,” his attorney, assistant public defender David Clark, said.

Several of Sylvester’s friends and relatives attended the hearing, but they didn’t speak and declined to comment to a reporter.

Jim Gill, a former neighbor of Johnson’s and Sylvester’s, said Oakley Outlet in a telephone interview after the hearing that he believed Johnson “got what he deserved.”

“She was a nice gal, Oakley Outlet ” Gill said. “She was always pleasant to us. . But as soon as we heard that she was missing, you just knew in your gut what had happened.”