Oakley Outlet Man gets six years for abusing

Man gets six years for abusing daughter

A 53 year old man who had sex with his six year old daughter more than a decade ago told her he was abusing her as pun Oakley Outlet ishment for the death of her mother.

The man, who can’t be identified due to a publication ban on the identity of his daughter, was sentenced Wednesday in Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench to six years in prison for the sexual assault. He was convicted after a two day trial in March. Oakley Outlet

“The circumstances of the offence are egregious, craven and constitute a betrayal of trust beyond description,” Smith said. “There are no mitigating circumstances. In sum, I agree with the Crown’s submission.”

Crown prosecutor Darren Howarth had argued for six years in federal prison, min Oakley Outlet us credit for one year spent on remand.

Howarth said one of the fac Oakley Outlet tors that set the case apart was what the man told his daughter, that she “was being sexually assaulted as punishment” for her mother’s death, which was also extremely emotionally damaging, on top of the physical offence.

The girl’s mother died when the girl was four years old, which is when her father moved in and assumed custody of her.

Defence lawyer Peter Abrametz Sr. said if the judge found an adult male had sexual intercourse with a six year old child, a penitentiary sentence was appropriate.

“Perhaps, my lord, given that . I don’t think there’s further we can add,” Abrametz said.

For his part, the 53 year old father continued to maintain his innocence, referring to his daughter as the “alleged victim” and promising to appeal his conviction.

At trial, the man’s daughter testified he assaulted her on three separate occasions in 2000, when she was six years old. He also used violence, hitting her across the face to gain compliance, she said.

In addition to the six year sentence, the man must provide a sample of his DNA for the national databank and comply with the national sex offender registry for 20 years.