Oakley Outlet Man guilty of tea bag theft

Man guilty of tea bag theft

A ROW WASbrewing after a man was locked up for stealing a tea bag. Paul Thatcher argued that, while he may have brewed a cuppa with the bag in question, he left it behind afterwards.

The homeless 28 year old used the tea bag worth less than a penny after sneaking into a school to sleep overnight.

He was then remanded in custody until his next cour Oakley Outlet < Oakley Outlet /strong>t Oakley Outlet appearance on March 1. His detention will cost taxpayers hundreds of pounds. The defendant, who was wearing a black jumper, blew a kiss to his girlfriend in the public gallery as he was led away.

Defence lawyer Gudrun Young told magistrates: would ask the Crown to review this matter. He made full admissions to entering the place as a trespasser and sleeping there overnight.

charge is that he made himself a cup of tea. He didn take the tea bag away, he just used it.

must consider whether it is in the public interest to Oakley Outlet proceed with this matter, whether or not taking a tea bag and using it is actually burglary. Jesu Wemimo, prosecuting, made no comment about the charge during the hearing. But afterwards, a spokeswoman for the Crown Prosecution Service said it would review whether it was in the public interest to carry on with the charge. Nominal value was not a reason to drop a case because sometimes stolen items could sentimental value, even if they had no resaleable price cost of what is stolen doesn matter, she added.