Oakley Outlet Man sentenced for aiding ringl

Man sentenced for aiding ringleader

WINNIPEG An Edmonton small business man who aided convicted swindler and criminal ringleader Gerald Blanchard has be Oakley Outlet en ordered to serve an 18 month conditional sentence.

Lance Ulmer, 40, pleaded guilty to one count of participating in the activities of a criminal organization.

Ulmer, owner of a mail and parcel delivery service, helped Blanchard deli Oakley Outlet ver guns and ammunition through the mail, arranged money orders, and allowed Blanchard to use his business as a mail drop and his photocopying machines to create bogus sales documents.

“They were looking for a gullible, good guy they could dupe and that’s what they found,” said Judge Kelly Moar.

While Ulmer’s actions by themselves weren’t technically illegal, they became so as soon as he suspected or knew they were aiding Blanchard’s criminal activities.

“These are not your friends, these are your business relations,” Moar said. “It’s important you realize you can’t become involved in their activities.”

Ulmer was among seven people, including Blanchard, arrested in January 2007 following a lengthy international investigation led by Winnipeg police.

Blanchard, 37, pleaded guilty in 2007 to 16 fraud, theft and criminal organization charges and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Winnipeg police first learned of Blanchard during an investigation into the theft of $510,000 from a CIBC on Empress Street, several days before its grand opening in May 2004.

Blanchard staged similar heists at two Edmonton banks and pleaded guilty for his part in stealing a fa Oakley Outlet Oakley Outlet ong>med Austrian gem the Star of Empress Sisi from a Viennese castle in 1998. Police recovered the gem from the basement of his grandmother’s Winnipeg home.

Blanchard’s crime ring worked at the behest of a London based “boss” who used much of the money to fund terrorist activities in the Middle East.

Blanchard’s criminal enterprises also included credit card scams that netted him and his co conspirators and superiors hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Court heard Ulmer and Blanchard met in Edmonton when Blanchard started using Ulmer’s business services.

Blanchard regaled Ulmer with real and fictional tales of his international exploits and the men became friends, said Crown attorney Kusham Sharma.

“The Crown is not suggesting Mr. Ulmer knew the depth, breadth, or scope of Mr. Blanchard’s crimes . but he certainly knew about the misdeeds and goings on of the Blanchard organization,” Sharma said.