Oakley Sunglasses Magic SoupAm I worth the e

Magic Soup

Am I worth the expense it takes to keep me alive? Yes because I have purpose.

Why am I treated as less of a person because I am a woman? Because people are broken and we have all contributed to a society tha Oakley Sunglasses t is based on pleasure and what you can get from people to make yourself happy instead of what you can give people for fulfillment. That is why we are a culture so saturated by sex and objectification of both genders.

How can I feel better about mysel Oakley Sunglasses f? I cannot promise that I ever will, but I do not think what society tells me will make me feel better will actually make me feel better. Why? Because it shallow and I have great depth and no time for shallow conventions.

Is life really just about being happy? And if so why? No it isn Because happy is temporary. Life is about experience, good or bad, because both are important to living the complete human experience. Besides I never learned anything worthwhile by having everything go my way.

Since when has being a feminist meant that I was a lesbian or man hater? Since cu Oakley Sunglasses lture has concluded those are the only people groups to which f Oakley Sunglasses eminism matters. Everyone else is okay with inequality if they aren a lesbian or man hater. Apparently.

Did I choose my degree well? Even if I am not in a job that pertains to my degree, I love my degree. I cannot imagine doing anything else in my spare time. I was born to be a graphic designer.

Is buying this new car worth the loan? It worth the peace of mind of driving something that isn a piece of crap and gunna fall apart on me.