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Magical Mister Murgatroyd

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Go to Radio 4 Programmes A ZThe hit Radio 4 series ‘Fags Oakley Sunglasses , Mags Bags’ returns with a 4th series with more shop based shenanigans and over the counter philosophy, courtesy of Ramesh Mahju and his trusty sidekick Dave.

Written by and starring Donald McLeary and Sanjeev Kohli. This brand new series sees a crop of new shop regulars, and some guest appearances along the way from the likes of Mina Anwar and Kevin Eldon.

In this episode Alok announces his sudden engagement to Siddiqua, the daughter of the local Pennywise empire and shop rival to Ramesh. So is it love that is driving Alok, or the promise of a gadget filled backshop?

So join the staff of ‘Fags, Mags and Bags’ in their tireless quest to bring nice price custard creams and cans of coke with Arabic writing on them to an ungrateful nation. Ramesh Mahju has built it up over the course of 30 years, and is a firmly entrenched feature of the local area. Ramesh loves the art of the ‘shop’.

However; he does apply the ‘low return’ rules of the shop to all other aspects of his life. Ramesh is ably assisted by his shop sidekick Dave, a forty something underachiever who shares Ramesh’s love of the art of shopkeeping, even if he is treated like a slave.

Then of course there are Ramesh’s sons Sanjay and Alok, both su Oakley Sunglasses rly and Oakley Sunglasses not particularly keen on the old school approach to shopkeeping, but natural successors to the business, and Ramesh is keen to pass all his worldly wisdom onto them whether they like it or not!Ramesh . Sanjeev Kolhi

Dave . Donald McLeary

Sanjay . Omar Raza

Alok . Susheel Kumar

Mrs Begg . Marjory Hogarth

Keith Futures . Greg McHugh

Siddiqua . Debbie Welsh

Shahid Mirza . Mani SumalA Comedy Unit production for BBC Radio 4.

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