Oakley Sunglasses Magician putting bag of tricks

Magician putting bag of tricks on YouTube

Kids swarmed Eric Leclerc on Parliament Hill yesterday, reaching out to grab him, shouting in amazement and hugging him. It all came after he said, wanna see a magic trick? and then turned a five dollar bill into a 100 dollar bill, made a pencil disappear and barfed up a deck of cards.

It the reactions of the kids the other people he dazzles Leclerc says helps him convince his YouTube audience around the world that his magic tricks are more than just magic video editing.

The local magician has performed live for illustrious crowds, including Ottawa Senators hockey players, Supreme Court justices and former Prime Minister Jean Chrtien. But now, he taking his tricks online, performing one a day on YouTube for a year.

He has 4,000 followers and has page has had about half a Oakley Sunglasses million hits over the last six months, he said.

While there is a large community devoted to magic online, Leclerc says, there a lot of skepticism and hours of video devoted to exposing the secrets behind magic tricks.

a shame. Magicians don like YouTube. I 29 years old and still part of the old school magicians who didn learn off the Internet. I learned off books and other musicians, he said. with YouTube, people post tutorials on how to do to tricks. People go see it a Oakley Sunglasses nd there no more magic. isn just YouTube. There are also smart Oakley Sunglasses phone apps popping up that offer tutorials for increasingly difficult tricks that the user can access for a fee.

When Leclerc performs, people seem genuinely mystified Oakley Sunglasses by how he did what did right before their eyes. So, there no need to edit in any magic when he uploads the video to YouTube later, he said.