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Managing your fridge

Back to Main MenuReal Estate TransfersBack to Main MenuLocal Grocery AdsSpecial SectionsLocal AdsLagniappeLots of locals limit food in their freezers during hurricane season. Start cooking meals now from the contents of your freezer, before storms come. If a hurricane is coming and you have large cuts of meat, cook them and slice to use as sandwiches for evacuation.It’s hard to overstate the importance of paying attention to your fridge and freezer. Anecdotally, the most common uses of generators are to run refrigerators and fans.How long will things last in a refrigerator when the power goes out?Highly perishable contents of your refrigerator will stay fresh for only four to six hours after the power goes out. This includes leftovers and soft cheeses (cottage cheese, cream cheese, brie, etc.) Eat those first.As a general rule, an unopened full freezer will keep food safe to eat for about 48 hours without power; a half full one for 24 hours.If freezer contents still have icy crystals inside them, they can be refrozen, although texture may be affected.Several variables affect how long food will stay cool or frozen. Chest freezers may keep contents safe longer than upright ones. Also, the hotter the area where the appliance sits, the sooner the food inside will warm, too.The American Red Cross suggests keeping an instant read thermometer to check the temperatures of foods. Or test by feeling the package of food. The temperature you want is 40 degrees (refrigerator temperature) or below.If food is refrigerator cold or if it has been above that temperature for less than two hours, it probably is safe to use. In general, perishable food held above 40 degrees for more than two hours (at a picnic, on a buffet table or in a refrigerator without power) may be unsafe to eat, because bacteria can multiply rapidly between 40 and 140 degrees.If you put 30 pounds of dry ice inside your refrigerator or freezer in anticipation of a power outage, your food should be safe inside for at le Oakley Sunglasses Outlet ast a cou Oakley Sunglasses Outlet ple of days, according to the LSU AgCenter’s Food Safety After Power Outage publication, which is available online. (Dry ice should never be touched with bare hands; place it on cardboard or empty shelves in the freezer.)If the power has been off for an extended period and food inside the freezer feels cool enough to be “refrigerator temperature,” cook the most perishable food seafood and ground meats first, as soon as possible.If you don’t have a cooler, check outdoor stores for coolers that guarantee they will keep contents cold several days. Your cooler may be your best friend if evacuating or staying.Realize ice may be scarce, or nonexistent, if the power is out.Open the freezer/refrigerator as seldom as Oakley Sunglasses Outlet possible.The food in your freezer will last longer if the freezer is full. If the freezer’s not full, shove all the food in it close together. Fill any empty space with liters of water or water in freezer bags, which you can also use as ice in coolers. The bigger the piece of ice, the longer it will last, so consider freezing water in c Oakley Sunglasses Outlet leaned milk cartons.NO. 1 TIP MENTIONED BY READERS: Before you evacuate, put all food in the freezer inside black plastic garbage bags, then put it back in the freezer. If the power goes out, all you have to do to remove the thawed mess is throw out the bag.At the very least, put ice pops or ice cream, in original packing, inside plastic bags closed with twist ties.Place a clear plastic pitcher with whole ice cubes in it in the freezer. When you get back home, if the electricity is still off, throw away the food in the bag. If the electricity has gone off and come back on, you will be able to tell how much has defrosted by looking at the pitcher of ice. If it is a solid block of ice then you know that everything has defrosted. If the ice cubes were partially melted but many of them are still in the shape of ice cubes, you know it was not a total defrost job.