Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Managing your professional ide

Managing your professional identity

Earlier today I delivered a Oakley Sunglasses Outlet presentation to colleagues at the University entitled “Managing your professional identity”. As the first of our Web Sessions the aim was to raise awareness of the extent of our digital footprint through the use of web tools and technologies.

With a particular focus on social networking and blogs I talked about the importance of being aware how m Oakley Sunglasses Outlet uch information we are placing in the public domain and how that could potentially be used. Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Many people use these sites without understanding the implications of sharing such a wealth of personal information with the rest of the world which is Oakley Sunglasses Outlet a concern.

I was pleased with the turnout (particularly as it’s a new initiative) and was encouraged by the questions at the end which further enforced by view that we can and should do more to raise awareness to our colleagues.

Speaking about the negative side to new technologies/sites is always a worry though as I (and colleagues in Web Services and beyond) see great value in the range of tools now readily available to us. Therefore I ended the session with a positive. they’re great, we all use them ourselves yet we proceed with caution. If you’re fully informed these tools can really help you extend your professional ‘reach’ and prove extremely beneficial. but more on that at another session.