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One of the first questions a person buying a sleeping bag for backpacking trip is should the bag insulation be down or synthetic. There are advantages to both though I personally Oakley Sunglasses Outlet would Oakley Sunglasses Outlet opt for a down sleeping bag.

The primary drawback of down sleeping bags is that they lose their ability to Oakley Sunglasses Outlet keep you warm when they become wet. They are also slow to dry. If you decide to camp which is to say right out in the open, and a shower comes around, you will be in for one damp chilly night in a down bag.

Synthetic sleeping bags will retain some warmth when damp or wet, though they surely won be as comfortable as they are when dry. If money is a big issue, synthetic bags are definitely cheaper. Synthetic bags are more compressible than they used to be though not as compressible or light weight as down bags are. In fact, low weight for less bulk is one of the prime advantages of down bags.

In my view, the higher cost of a down bag is outweighed by it lighter weight, increased compressibility, and durability. A down bag will last longer when properly cared for. One can get around the moisture issue by ins Oakley Sunglasses Outlet uring the down bag remains dry at all times. In order to accomplish this, stuff your sleeping bag into a waterproof stuff sack, then line your pack with a waterproof liner or at least line your bag (heavy duty trash bags work well for this) and cover your pack with a rain cover when it is raining. This gives you three layers of protection against rain. Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT rely on a pack cover alone to keep gear such as your sleeping bag dry. Pack covers retard rain but don block out the rain. In time, water gets in. You need multiple layers of protection if you are hiking in a rainy environment.

Only take your sleeping bag out of it stuff sack, or even out of your pack at all, when you are in a shelter or tent or under a tarp. Period. Following this method enabled me to keep my down bag dry through three consecutive days of flooding rains on the AT in Pennsylvania in 2006.