Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Manchester City are making a m

Manchester City are making a mockery of the game

While football clubs all over the country are scavenging in the bargain bins for players, City boss Mark Hughes is scattering money in the transfer market with complete and utter reckless abandon.

City could hardly be more out of step with the rest of football the entire nation, come to think of it.

All over Britain, businesses are going belly up, dole queues are getting longer and people are having t Oakley Sunglasses Outlet heir homes repossessed as the devastating effects of the global economic crisis bite hard.

Employers are all having to scale right back and making savage cuts just like many football clubs who will next season be operating on massively reduced budgets and smaller first team squads, while still demanding that teams deliver results.

Yet the money bags Premier League clubs continue to prove they are completely out of step with the rest of us with their greed is good mentality and no holds barred approach to ba Oakley Sunglasses Outlet ttering each other into submission with their wallets.

While many fans struggle to rake together enough cash to be able to afford tickets to watch their favourite players, doesn it stick in the throat when you read that Manchester City new signing Carlos Tevez will earn a staggering million in wages over the next five years?

No amount of talent, goals or ability to excite fans can possibly justify anyone earning an obscene amount of money with which you could just about feed and clothe an entire Third World nation for a year.

If Oakley Sunglasses Outlet ever we needed proof that the football transfer mark Oakley Sunglasses Outlet et had lost touch with reality it came when Manchester City shelled out a mind boggling million fee for the Argentina star, soon to be followed by Emmanuel Adebayor for an identical fee.

Their arrival at Eastlands has taken City’s spending rocketing through the million barrier since Hughes took over a year ago, with the billions of owner Sheikh Mansour making his every transfer wish all possible.

We may have become all too familiar with football stinking rich throwing their money around but that does not mean to say that we grown to accept it as the norm. The more they spend, the greedier they become and it damns them.

With mega rich City willing to spend whatever it takes to sign the players they want, the whole game is just spiralling out of control because an extra zero is now automatically being placed on the end of every player fee.

Even an Ordinary Joe will end up costing fees you expect to shell out for a Galactico because the market is being completely distorted as values are inflated.

It makes the Watford have so far offered Carlisle United for last season top scorer, striker Danny Graham, absolutely laughable.

In the current market, you expect to pay at least 10 times that amount for a 23 year old who has scored 40 goals in just over 100 starts and still has huge scope for improvement.

The crazy transfer fees currently being paid give fans unrealistic expectations and puts pressure on clubs to spend beyond their means at a time when they should be tightening their belts, threatening their very existence.

Only foolhardy clubs will spend for the sake of it during football current mid summer madness and the wise ones will wait until they can get some value for their money. They clearly need to make drastic changes (a la Chelsea) with an injection of talent a big shake up. They mean to win and they are going to do it. If you know a better way of doing it, please share.