Oakley Sunglasses Outlet manometer use in a model of fa

manometer use in a model of face mask ventilation

Background: Adequate ventilation is the key to successful neonatal resuscitation. Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) is initiated wi Oakley Sunglasses Outlet th

manual ventilation devices via face masks. These devices may be used with a manometer to measure airway pressures delivered.

About 3 5% of newborn infants (4 7 million world wide) are resuscitated at delivery each year.1 Internationally agreed consensus statements2,3 and various guidelines advise how to resuscitate newborn infants.4 8 All agree that effective ventilation is the key to neonatal resuscitation. All recommend that positive pressure ventilation

(PPV) is given with a manual ventilation device through a face mask and that chest wall movement is assessed to monitor the

adequacy of ventilation.

Different types of manual ventilation devices (self inflating and flow inflating bags2 8 and T pieces5,7,8) have been described. There is a dearth of evidence about which manual ventilation device is superior for the resuscitation

of infants at delivery. This is reflected by the considerable variation in the devices used to resuscitate newborns, both

within countries and world wide.9,10 The self inflating bag appears to be the most popular manual ventilation device for resuscitation of the Oakley Sunglasses Outlet newborn.9 11 Despite not being described in international consensus guidelines, use of a modified T piece is common.9,10

Each type of manual ventilation device may be used with a manometer to measure the airway pressures delivered. Self inflating

bags are most often used without a manometer, whereas the use of a manometer is recommended when a flow inflating bag2,3 or T piece device7,8 Oakley Sunglasses Outlet is used. The effect that a manometer has on the pressures and volumes delivered and leakage from the face mask during PPV

at neonatal resuscitation is unclear. We have demonstrated in a model of neonatal resuscitation that the expiratory tidal

volume measured at the mask (VTE(mask)) is a good estimate of the tidal volume leaving the lung.12 We hypothesised that the use of a manometer would lead to more accurate delivery of target airway pressures. We also hypothesised

Oakley Sunglasses Outlet
that observation of the manometer would distract participants from watching chest wall movement and lead to the delivery of

smaller volumes because of larger leaks at the face mask.

The aims of this study were to determine the effect that the use of a manometer would have on the peak inspiratory pressure

(PIP), VTE(mask), and leakage from the face mask during PPV delivered with manual ventilation devices routinely used at our hospital in a