Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Manotick man to meet his savio

Manotick man to meet his saviours

It could have been the seventh bag of topsoil that caused Ted Boyer to topple over in front of a Manotick supermarket.

But it might have been the 14th bag he loaded into the back of his van. Certainly could have been the 27th.

Boyer, 64, certainly wasn’t going to let wife Jacqueline help him with the crushing burden of 30 heavy bags of top soil, destined for their soon to be immaculate garden.

So on June 11 he loaded up every one, then walked towards Your Independent Grocer. when he collapsed face first onto the pavement, inches away from the front doors of the Beaverwood Rd. grocery store.

“Clinically, this gentleman was VSA vital signs absent,” said Otta Oakley Sunglasses Outlet wa Fire sector chief Paul Hutt. “He was dead.”

But firefighters, grocery store staff and an off duty nurse brought Boyer back to life in the frantic 11 minutes before paramedics arrived. Paramedics continued to work on the man and re establish a pulse before taking him to the Ottawa Hospital.

Next week, Boyer and his family will meet a few of his saviours at the Manotick fire station. He is s Oakley Sunglasses Outlet till weak from the heart attack, but daughter Beatrice said he and his family want to thank the “heroes” who saved him.

“The only reason my father’s alive is because of these people,” she said.

Ginny Meisner was nearing the checkout counters when she heard store staff discussing Boyer’s collapse.

Meisner, a nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, found Boyer lying on his back. A produce worker was giving him mouth to mouth as someone in gardening consoled Boyer’s wife.

Meisner started CPR as thre Oakley Sunglasses Outlet e rural division firefighters approached.

Her job done, “I just quietly left the scene,” Meisner said. She finished her shopping.

Graham Forrester, Max Renaud and Chris Robinson who also works at the grocery store took over. Robinson came from the stock room, while Forrester and Re Oakley Sunglasses Outlet naud arrived from the fire station only minutes after Hutt showed up in his Chief’s car.