Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Manslaughter Verdict Upheld In

Manslaughter Verdict Upheld In Drug Deal That Turned Fatal

Nicholas Wassil argued that it was the victim’s decision to inject the heroin not Wassil’s act of supplying it that caused the death. But the Supreme Court ruled that Wassil shared enough of the blame to be convicted.Wassil, 40, bought two $20 bags of heroin for himself Oakley Sunglasses Outlet and a boyhood friend on Dec. 3, 1991. Wassil dissolved one bag and injected the solution into his arm. After declaring the narcotic to be very, very good,” he gave the second bag to his friend, David Groleau. Groleau already had Valium, codeine and alcohol in his bloodstream when he Oakley Sunglasses Outlet injected the second bag of heroin. Almost immediately, Groleau collapsed.Wassil and another friend tried to walk Groleau around the room. They then placed Groleau in a bathtub and sprayed cold water on him. When Groleau’s lips began turning blue, Wassil call Oakley Sunglasses Outlet ed 911. A medical examiner said Groleau died of a drug overdose and said it was the heroin that pushed him over the edge.”Wassil was convicted of second degree manslaughter and selling narcotics. He was sentenced to seven years in prison.In order to convict Wassil, the state did not have to prove that his conduct was the immediate cause of Groleau’s death. Instead, it had to convince the jury that Wassil contributed substantially and materially, in a direct manner” to Groleau’s death, and that there was no intervening action that caused the death.Wassil’s lawyer argued that Groleau’s use of the drugs was an intervening act Oakley Sunglasses Outlet ion that relieved Wassil of criminal liability. The Supreme Court disagreed.