Oakley Vault Man breaks into Angela Merkel’

Man breaks into Angela Merkel’s plane and has a one

Speith ends surprising streak at Players ChampionshipJordan Spieth’s remarkable scoring streak finally came to an end on Sunday, but the .Sherwood pulls fan from the stands to act as managerTim Sherwood surrendered his last five minutes in charge of Spurs this season to . We doubt the German government plane is quite as funky.In what is easily the most fun story we’ve heard this week, someone not only managed to Oakley Vault break into the German government jet used by Chancellor Angela Merkel, but did so carrying a bunch of drugs and had a four hour party in his underwear on board.German newspaper Der Speigel carries the story of the one man session that happened on July 25, but is back in the German news after full details were discovered.Volkan T, a 24 year old bodybuilder “of Turkish descent” broke into the Airbus 319 carrying a bag full of marijuana and ecstasy pills.He then proceeded to strip down to his underwear, spraying a fire extinguisher all over the luxury interior, got into the cockpit and pushed but Oakley Vault tons, released the emergency slide, and danced on the wing of the plane.The fact that the plane was under military guard didn’t seem t Oakley Vault o pose a problem.Despite causing 100,000 worth of damage, Volkan was only discovered at 8.40pm, when he set off an alarm by hammering buttons in the cockpit. The plane, by the way, was fully fuelled and ready for takeoff.Volkan was eventually arrested after several hours, when military police released dogs into th Oakley Vault e plane. He’s been in care since, and media report that the whole incident seems to have been sparked by an argument with his girlfriend.