Oakley Vault Man Caught In Drug Case Still

Man Caught In Drug Case Still A Mystery

Police had Oakley Vault staked out the airport terminal after receiving a tip from an informant who described the passenger, the clothes he would be wearing and the arrival time of his flight. The suspect brushed aside an airport security officer who attempted to stop him, and then fled through the terminal. Three Newport News narcotics de Oakley Vault tectives chased him and brought him down with a tackle.

Investigators came up empty when they checked the man’s fingerprints against a statewide computer database.

The man had been traveling under the name Antonio Henderson on the New York to Newport News United Express commuter flight, said a detective who did not want to be identified becaus Oakley Vault e he works undercover.

The man was carrying a Virginia identification card with the name Antonio Henderson and a Motoka Drive address in Denbigh. Investigators are still trying to determine whether the man ever lived there.

When the man was booked at the jail, he told deputies his name was Andre Lutrell Williams, according to Lt. Marvin Evans, head of the Vice and Narcotics Unit.

The conflicting information was enough reason for General District Court Ju Oakley Vault dge Joan T. Morris to leave the man’s bond, set earlier by a magistrate, at $1 million. The suspect remains in Newport News jail in lieu of bond.

Police learned that the same man had traveled from New York under the name Johnson a week or two earlier. After his arrest he admitted bringing cocaine to Newport News during the earlier trip, the narcotics detective said.

Police say it is not uncommon for people to use aliases when they travel with contraband, such as crack cocaine. It’s a lot harder for police to track them if we don’t have their real names,” the detective said.

Police found the suspected cocaine 1 ounce of crack and 19 ounces of a powder like substance in two plastic bags. Both bags were wrapped in duct tape. One was tucked in the man’s crotch and the other in a pouch in his sweatshirt, police said.

Investigators sent the substance to the state lab for analysis.

The man was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and bringing cocaine into Virginia from another state.

Police officials estimated the street value of the cocaine at $60,000. But if the purity is high, it is possible it could be double or triple the $60,000,” the detective said.