Oakley Vault Man caught twice with marijuan

Man caught twice with marijuana winds up in jail

There was only one path out of t Oakley Vault he courtroom for a man caught twice with large quantities os marijuana through the steel sheriff door, on his way to jail.

Robert Vanderwall, 48, pleaded guilty in provincial court Friday to two counts of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

He was caught the first time in December 2010, as an RCMP crime prevention officer walked through a Valleyview parking lot checking for valuables left in cars.

Her intention was to leave notes for drivers whose cars were vulnerable. She came upon Vanderwall SUV, how Oakley Vault ever, and smelled marijuana.

The man was arrested and a search of the vehicle turned up 231 grams of bud in 24 bags, worth about $1,000. The officer also found digital scales and a notebook with what looked to be recorded transactions.

In February, Vanderwall was stopped by a different RCMP officer after he made an illegal right turn while talking on a cellphone. Again the officer smelled marijuana. This search turned up 394 grams, worth $1,500.
Oakley Vault
Defence lawyer Rob Bruneau said Vanderwall became involved in marijuana partly because his wife requires the drug for medical purposes.

has not quite succumbed yet to the notion he cannot be doing what he is doing, the lawyer said, noting this jail sentence will likely help convince the man he must stop.

Vanderwall was also ba Oakley Vault nned from having firearms for life, and told he must provide a blood sample so his DNA can be included in Canada registry of serious offenders.