Oakley Vault Man caught with 16 baggies of

Man caught with 16 baggies of marijuana inside Cleveland Public Library South Branch

Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdGuards at the Cleveland Public Library’s South Branch caught the man with marijuana, but he was able to push his way to freedom without his identification and the marijuana, which were locked up into evidence by responding officers, according to a police report. Tuesday, according to the police report. When the employee pointed the man out, the guard later told police she immediately recognized him as someone “she was very familiar with.” The guard walked by the man and confirmed the odor.Two other security guards escorted the man into a corner in the library to with him, the report said. The guards told police the man was getting agitated and looking for an exit as they questioned him.The guards asked the man if they would find anything if they patted him down, and he answered “no,” according to the report. The guards did find something a plastic bag sticking out of his right outside jacket pocket, the report said. Inside the bag were 16 smaller baggies, each filled with different amounts of marijuana, the report said.When the guards found the marijuana, the man scuffled with the guards Oakley Vault and eventually was able to flee, according to the report. He left behind some personal items, including his state identification and keys, which were confiscated as evidence by responding officers.The man has not been arrested, according to records.There were about 30 to 40 people inside the library at the time of the incident, and about half of them were children, the report said.Tim Goergen, manager of safety and protective services for the Cle Oakley Vault veland Public Library System, said the library has requested a Cleveland Police zone car to be stationed in front of the building at different times throughout the day since the incident. The man has not returned to the library since scuffle with security guards, Goergen said.”We are paying close attention to this branch,” Goergen said. “Incidents like this usually don’t happen, but when they do, we give a concentrated effort to make sure our patrons and parents can have a feeling of comfort knowing we are there and we managing this situation.”He said while this incident is “an anomaly,” with 27 branches and 36 locations, it’s inevitable that some incidents will happen.”We don’t search all of our patrons when they come in,” Goergen said. “We have a welcoming environment and bring everybody in. But if they don follow the patron code of conduct, we have to take action.”Goergen said the man’s behavior including spending Oakley Vault excessive time in the restroom Oakley Vault has stuck out to security guards and staff, who are trained to monitor visitors and spot warning signs.The South Branch was temporarily relocated from its longtime home at the corner of Scranton Road and Clark Avenue over to 2704 Clark Avenue in 2012.The library system has a contract with G4S security, and augments their contract with library staff, Goergen said.