Oakley Vault Man caught with marijuana and

Man caught with marijuana and hashish in West Linn

WEST LINN, Ore. Police say a Portland man was caught with 48 ounces of marijuana and nearly 4 ounces of hashish during a traffic stop.

West Linn police pulled over Jesse Ray Burns, a convicted felon on probation in Multnomah County, for going 78 mph in a 55 mph zone. When they talked to him, Burns said he knew he had been speeding and that he had a suspended license, according to a news release from the West Linn Police Department.

Officers said they detected a strong odor of marijuana on Burns. When they searched the vehicle, they found the marijuana, hashish and hashish wafers and oil.

“Burns claimed to have obtained the substances in Southern Oregon and was transporting them to the Portland area for medical marijuana patients,” the news release said.

Burns did not have a medical marijuana card, police say.

He Oakley Vault was booked in the Clackamas County Jail on suspicion of driving while suspended, reckless driving, DUII, possession of marijuana and possession of hashish. The self fulfilling gateway prophecy becomes a “truth” as many credulous teens and adults move to harder drugs.

Matthew, thank you for your educated comments. It is important that we at least speak honestly about this subject. We have been told many stories about marijuana, most of which are not even close to true.

The ‘gateway’ theory has always been a red herring and scare tactic as far as I can tell. The only area of validity to that idea MIGHT be the fact that when people are young let’s say high school age they are more willing to experiment. The same people who are/were illegally selling marijuana are often the same people selling harder drugs. When I used to smoke, there was never an urge to try something harder by virtue of smoking marijuana. The other issue here is that we have spent so much time and effort scaring people about marijuana that we have lost credibility on many issues surrounding it. I remember sitting in class and watching Reefer Madness. By the time I saw the film, I had already tried marijuana and knew that most of what was presented was entirely bogus. The film was a source of comedy.

The prohibition of marijuana has gone on long enough. The laws and policies of this country have caused damage to millions of lives by the fact that people were arrested for possession. I was lucky it never happened to me. Had I been arrested in possession, I would not be holding the job I have today. The millions of ruined lives the human cost does not take into account the billions of dollars spent by drug war machine ‘fighting’ marijuana. By any Oakley Vault measure, most specifically when it c Oakley Vault omes to marijuana (I would put hashish in the same category as marijuana. They are the same chemical in way that cocaine and crack are the same chemical), the drug war has been an absolute failure. Today, we have more marijuana of higher quality than when I used to smoke.

Our policies have influenced and impacted other countries. Today, we’re seeing several countries loosening marijuana laws. I believe this is happening because the US is not pressing these issues the way we have in the past. We have withheld trade and dollars if countries did not abide by our laws. Uruguay a Oakley Vault nd Portugal are just two we’re seeing change today. Just like Washington and Colorado, the states will fall like dominos. The laws need to change on the Federal level sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, politicians always follow the people. It is not until something become more popular that politicians are willing to come out in favor of it. As the states continue to legalize it, the Federal laws will look more and more antiquated and ridiculous.

Even if we did not collect one cent in revenue from marijuana sales, we would save billions by simply making it legal. We would not be chasing people down, putting them in jail and clogging court system and prisons with these cases. We would not be sending staff and equipment to other countries to help them fight marijuana. We would immediately reduce crime along our borders because there would be no incentive to bring it in illegally.

Besides all that, we would have resources to combat other drugs that are problems for us and other societies. And maybe, just maybe, some of those billions could be diverted to projects at home that could help everyone. Repair roads, bridges, electrical grids, green energy, etc.