Oakley Vault Man Faces 5 Years In DrugM

Man Faces 5 Years In Drug

Man Faces 5 Years In Drug ring Case

February 27, 1999By THOMAS D.

A confidential Hartford police informant helped break up the large scale drug ring in September 1995, which led to the arrest of Hairo Ramires and others.

Ramires pleaded guilty to violating the corrupt organizations act by distributing drugs, conspiracy to sell Oakley Vault Oakley Vault > narcotics and possession of drugs with intent to sell them. He agreed to admit his involvement in the three counts in exchange for receiving no more than five years in prison.

As part of the deal, Ramires agreed Oakley Vault not to contest eventual federal proceedings that will deport him to his native land, the Dominican Republic. He was found to be an illegal alien after his arrest.

His sentencing before Judge Patrick Clifford is slated for March 26. He has already served three years and four months in prison while awaiting the disposition of his case.

As one of the men in the car lifted open a hidden compartment inside the vehicle, detectives surrounded the car and Oakley Vault eventually snatched 1,201 bags of stashed heroin from the hiding place. Police said they believe the men were about to deliver the drugs to gang members for distribution.