Oakley Vault Man finds Emmy Award trophy in

Man finds Emmy Award trophy in trash

An Emmy Award statuette has been recovered from a box of trash placed outside a Oakley Vault property in Brooklyn, NY.

Construction worker Ismael ‘Smiley’ Cekic, 40, spotted the “cool looking” item placed by the curb and took it home, although he only realized he had struck gold a few weeks later as he tuned in to watch the Primetime Emmy Awards on TV and noticed that the trophies being handed out to celebrities looked familiar.

The prize’s original honouree is unknown as the plaque at the base of the award is missing, but Oakley Vault a source tells the New York Post, “It’s definitely the real deal. It’s very old likely from . the Oakley Vault 1950s.”

The Emmys, which were previously known as the Immys, were first handed out by officials at the Academy of Television Arts Sciences in 1949 to recognize the best in the business. The statuettes, which weigh almost seven pounds (3.2 kilograms), are handcrafted from copper, nickel and gold and reportedly cost around $400 to make.

Among the winner’s at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards were Michael Douglas, Claire Danes, Jeff Daniels and Julia Louis Dreyfus, who all sho Oakley Vault wed off their trophies following the ceremony.