Oakley Vault Man Finds Puppies Thrown Out I

Man Finds Puppies Thrown Out In Plastic Bag

NASHVILLE, Tenn. A mid state man found five puppies tied up in a plastic bag. James Jones made the disturbing discovery in Putnam County Monday morning.”I believe God got a plan for everything, and I believe that was his plan that day for me to be out here so those pups can have another chance,” said Jones.Jones brought the puppies home to his wife. She knew they could not keep the week old puppies, and that sending them to the pound could mean death.The family contacted Jennifer Farley, vice president of a rescue group. She was not surprised to hear the story.”People instead of spay or neutering their pets, they rather go drown these pups or kittens, bury them, put them in trash bags and leave them out to die,” said Farley. “One of my rescues came from a dumpster.”The Jones family believed that God had a plan for the puppies, Oakley Vault and a plan for the people who threw them out like trash.”I believe what comes around goes around, and I believe somewhere down the line they answer for what they did,” said Jones.Jones di Oakley Vault d not believe the puppies had been there long before he found them. He asked around the neighborhood, and he said no one recalled seeing any cars drive up the gravel road in Silver Point.The four female puppies are expected to survive. Rescue officials said the male runt was not doing well Oakley Vault . All About Rescue and Fixin Inc. more>>A Nashville man has been accused of attempted murder and arson after he allegedly set fire to a local business due to a dispute with an employee. more>>Funeral Services Monday For Former US Sen. MathewsFuneral Services Monday For Former US Sen. MathewsUpdated: Sunday, May 11 2014 5:34 PM EDT2014 05 11 21:34:36 GMTMuseum Considering Keeping Sinkhole As Attracti Oakley Vault onMuseum Considering Keeping Sinkhole As AttractionUpdated: Sunday, May 11 2014 4:29 PM EDT2014 05 11 20:29:12 GMT