Oakley Vault Man flies from Spain to return

Man flies from Spain to return books he fished out of Cambridge family’s black bag

A Spanish man, who took an antique book and two others from his lodgings nearly 25 years ago, returned to Cambridge this week to reunite them with their rightful owner.Inaki Buenaposada was a 16 year old language student li Oakley Vault ving with a couple near Cherry Hinton when he took three old books out of what he thought was a rubbish bag.But, when his landlady became distressed at the book loss, Mr Buenaposada was too scared to admit he had them, and has kept the books with him in Spain, along with his feelings of guilt, ever since.Despite being unable to remember the name of the street, house or even the couple name, the 40 year old felt now was the right time to return to Cambridge and face the couple he took the books from.He said: want to return the books to the people I took them from Oakley Vault , that is my only reason for coming.was here for a summer in 1989 and living with the family and three students.day I saw a black bag in the garage and I thought it was rubbish. I saw the books and took three of them.night the lady was very distressed and asking if we had seen them and I didn say anything.think it was because I wasn man enough to face up to her at the time and tell her I was guilty. books he took were an old copy of Dickens Oliver Twist, The Uni Oakley Vault versal Home Lawyer, and an illustrated biology book called The Pond I Know, dating back to the 1900s.He said: think they have economic and sentimental value. I think it [The Oakley Vault Pond I Know] would be a nice one for her to read to her grandchildren and use it to show them wildlife.