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Manuka Honey For Eye Care

Honey was also widely used in India to treat eye disease and has been used by traditional healers in Mali to prevent scarring of the cornea in cases of measles. There is also evidence that honey was used by the medieval English to treat eye diseases.

Like the treatment of wounds and burns, Manuka honey applications in ophthalmology are primarily anti inflammatory, antibacterial and anti fungal. Manuka honey can be used to treat a variety of eye problems, including syphilitic keratitis, corneal ulcers, injuries to the cornea and lime burns to the cornea. Researchers have also documented the use of Manuka honey to cure a variety of eye diseases including opaque spots appearing in the cornea as a result of herpes, chemical and thermal burns to the eye and conjunctivitis.

Anecdotal evidence of successful eye treatments with Manu Oakley Sunglasses Outlet ka honey indicates that patients were given topical applications of Manuka honey, 2 3 times per day. Conditions included chronic nonspecific conjunctivitis and consistent inflammation of the eyelids, a condition known as blepharitis.

Researchers have also done a study with 24 patients suffering from bullous keratopathy, a major complication of cataract surgery. Plastic surgery, particularly corneal grafting, is considered the most effective therapy for this disease. One drop of Manuka honey was applied to the cornea 3 4 times per day. Altho Oakley Sunglasses Outlet ugh patients experienced a slight stinging sensation a Oakley Sunglasses Outlet t first, discomfort become minimal after repeated use. Improvement in visual acuity and corneal clearing lasted for about an hour after the Manuka honey applications. The researchers were impressed with the results. They concluded that given its advantages in terms of antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and hygroscopic properties, Manuka honey is a viable treatment alternative for a number of different eye conditions.

Aware of the role of antioxidants in protecting the body from the formation of free ra Oakley Sunglasses Outlet dicals, researchers used Manuka honey based eye drops with high antioxidant activity in another study. They measured the ocular effects of the eye drops in a placebo controlled double blind study. Their findings revealed that the eye drops not only reduced inflammation, but were also safe and nontoxic. The potential for Manuka honey eye drops and salves to help treat a variety of eye conditions is promising.